FIA F3 at Barcelona: A New Season
May 24

FIA F3 at Barcelona: A New Season

Barcelona Races 1-3 | A New Season

2021 FIA F3 | Barcelona, Spain
Round 1 | Races 1/2/3
06-08 May, 2021


Qualifying | May 6: P23

Coming from a practice session with a faulty DRS, Kaylen was unable to find a clear lap on the 1st set of slicks. Sent into traffic on the 2nd set, Kaylen rounded a corner in Sector 3 and came across four slowing cars in one turn, effectively impeding the fast lap run 1.057 seconds off the pace with a lap of 1:33.961.

Race 1 | May 7

Starting Position: P23
Finishing Position: P22

Following a start and losing a position, Kaylen raced on and eventually gained in 2 positions. In Race 1 the issues with the car began to make themselves apparent. Kaylen was unable to keep up with the drivers in front and eventually fell out of the DRS one-second limit. This placed Kaylen firmly in the grasp of attacking cars behind with DRS enabled, and allowed Kaylen to be passed sequentially.

Race 2 | May 7

Starting Position: P23
Finishing Position: P17

Having made an excellent race start and gaining five positions, the car continued without pace and eventually, Kaylen gave up 5 positions to faster cars behind him. Through attrition and incidents involving cars in front, Kaylen’s race resulted in a P17 finish.

Race 2 | May 8

Starting Position: P23
Finishing Position: 30th (One Lap Down)

Kaylen again made a strong start and gained 3 positions. Despite significant car setup revisions, Kaylen was again unable to keep up with cars ahead and succumbed to DRS overtakes. Having lost three positions, Kaylen was hit from the side and returned to the pit with a punctured tire. The offending driver was penalized, Kaylen carried on at the back of the field.

Next on the Calendar:

2021 FIA F3 | Le Castellet | France
Round 2 | Races 4/5/6
Circuit Paul Riccard
18-20 June

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