Driver Development

Driver Development

Pilot ONE Racing in Action from International Kart Racing to Open Wheel Championships

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13-Year-Old Young Gun Kaylen Frederick On Pole in the Pan-Am Championship Rotax Max Challenge at NOLA in 2013

pilot one racing | kaylen frederick | kaylen on podium in 2nd place and action shot of kart race
pilot one racing | kaylen frederick | collage of kaylen with trophy and action shots of race

Pilot ONE Racing Drivers in F1600/USA: Learning close racing, standard shifting, mechanical grip, and zero downforce.

pilot one racing | kaylen frederick | kaylen with trophy and action shot of race

Mazda Road to Indy/USF2000: Driver Development at progressively higher levels of Open Wheel Racing, cars with downforce, sequential shifting, spec chassis and engine. Drivers race with the top drivers in the USA at this age level in fields of 23 – 25 cars.

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“Pilot ONE Racing has supported me as a young driver talent through my karting career and development in open wheel racing cars. As my longstanding sponsors, I look forward to championing Pilot ONE Racing throughout my driver development years into the Mazda Road to Indy or European Racing.”

Kaylen Frederick

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In a stepped driver development system, drivers progress to high-downforce cars with higher speeds and cornering forces. Pictured above is Pilot ONE Racing leading the field into turn 1 at Sebring in a Formula Atlantic in January, 2018.

pilot one racing | kaylen frederick | collage of race car and winners podium with trophies and drivers

With 1,400 pounds of downforce in a race car equivalent to Indy Lights, drivers rise to levels of high-commitment and 3-4 G turns, 175 mph top speeds, and 300 hp.

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Training in the European F3 is essential to prepare drivers for European tracks, racing series, divese weather conditions, and FIA international championships. Pictured above is driver Kaylen Frederick in the 2020 BRDC Italian Tatuus F3 chassis testing with Team Carlin in 2017 at Snetterton & Silverstone in England.

Driver development is a multi-disciplinary process integrating teamwork among engineers, data engineers, and coaches, using a variety of tools from sensors & data/video reviews to pre-race strategy sessions, sim sessions, and debriefs. And then of course, there is the driving.

Pilot ONE Racing driver development is an evolving process, adjusting constantly to new technologies, cars, teams, and each unique championship series & regulations. Please join us in following our drivers in their championships as we enable them to be their best and push them to the front.

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