Monaco: FIA F3 Races 5 & 6
May 29

Monaco: FIA F3 Races 5 & 6

Monaco | Monte Carlo

Photo Credits: ©James Gasperotti Photography

2023 FIA F3 | Monaco Street Circuit
Monaco, Monte Carlo
Round 2 | Races 05 & 06
May 25 – May 28 | 2023

Monaco Highlights

Qualifying Position: 24th Place
Race 1: 24th Place (Started 30th following Melbourne penalty)
Race 2: 25th Place
Championship: 15th Place

Practice | May 25th: 15th Place
Wet Practice & New Track to FIA F3

Rolling out onto a new track after a heavy downpour moments before the green light, Monaco was a new circuit to 17 drivers, including Pilot ONE Racing’s Kaylen Frederick. Although the track was drying at the end, there was little opportunity to test the full grip available on a dry surface.

Qualifying | March 3rd: 24th Position

In a qualifying session split into two groups of 15, Kaylen qualified 12th in his group however navigated the street circuit without incidents. Combining the two sessions placed Kaylen in 24th position in qualifying.

Race 5 | April 1st/Saturday Sprint Race:

Starting Position: 30th Place (qualified 24th but subject to 10 place grid penalty from Melbourne).
Finish Position: 24thth Place

Monaco is a heritage track steeped in history within a beautiful setting on the Mediterranean. As a street course in which streets are closed for the races here, there is no opportunity to test on the race circuit prior to race event weekends. Following a rainy practice, 15 minutes in qualifying on the dry, and very little time on track, racing requires drivers to find pace & grip quickly. Positions were gained in the race, Kaylen advanced from 30th to 24th, although passing attempts rewarded most with crashes into the barriers. Recognizing the difficulty of advancing, Kaylen’s focus was on using the race to learn the track. Studying during these laps, testing braking, acceleration, turn-ins, and track outs, Kaylen found speed and set fastest lap times for the race on multiple laps.

Race 6 | May 28th/Sunday Feature Race:

Starting Position: 24th Position
Finish Position: 25th Position

The feature race unfolded like the sprint race in pace and difficulty in passing. After the halfway point Kaylen’s focus again turned to learning the track. Making the most out time on the circuit Kaylen again set fastest lap times on multiple laps.

Championship Round-up: 15th Position

Finishing the weekend in 16th for the championship, Kaylen will test, train, and work with the team to focus energies on Red Bull Ring preparations for Races 9 and 10.

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