Autopolis Racing Circuit, Japan: SFL F3 Races 4,5, & 6
May 19

Autopolis Racing Circuit, Japan: SFL F3 Races 4,5, & 6

Autopolis Racing Circuit, Japan

Photo Credits: © Wataru Tamura Photography (Member JRPA*)

2024 Super Formula Lights F3 | Japan
Autopolis Race Circuit
Round 2* | Races 4, 5 & 6
May 18 & 19 | 2024

*Round 1 cancelled – to be rescheduled

Autopolis Highlights:
Practices May 16 & 17: 1st through 3rd in all practice sessions
Qualifying 1 Position: 8th Place
Race 1 Finish: 4th Place
Qualifying 2 Position: 8th Place
Race 2 Finish: 4th Place
Race 3 Start Position: 4th Place (start based on finish order of Race 1)
Race 3 Finish: 2nd Place
Championship: Tied for 2nd Place

Practice Sessions | May 16th & 17th: 1st through 3rd Fastest (All sessions)

In the first event of the Japanese Super Formula Lights 2024 championship, Kaylen quickly came to terms with the track and grip, with strong promise for the qualifying and races in the weekend ahead.

In Kaylen Frederick’s words:
“Overall the practice sessions were a very encouraging start to this first Japanese race weekend. If not on top, we were within the top three (3) whenever we were on track. We put in some very competitive times.”

Qualifying | May 18th

Qualifying 1 & 2: 8th Position
Following two rough qualifying sessions, Kaylen Frederick lined up for races 1 & 2 in 8th place. The outcome was surprising after Kaylen ran in the top three or led in practice sessions going into the race weekend. Head down and all eyes on start lights ahead.

Kaylen Frederick:
“It was disappointing to qualify in 8th position. During all practice sessions we were at the top of the live timing scoreboard. We’ll closely examine whether this outcome is owing to tires, setup, or the lessening of grip after SF cars were on the track.”

Races 4 & 5 | May 18th | Saturday Races

Starting Positions: 8th Place
Finish Positions: 4th Place
Fast starts and overtakes forwarded Kaylen to 4th place within lap 1, finishing 4th in both races 4 & 5 with point gains, and the highest amount of overtakes in each race. Looking to Sunday, the Race 3 start position is based on the Race 1 finish position, allowing Kaylen Frederick a 4th place start for Race 3.

In Kaylen Frederick’s words:
“I had excellent starts in both races 1 & 2, and passed four cars within lap one. After that I had to fight to hold position, as the grip and lap times were not where they needed to be. Even though I defended and held onto the 4th place in both races, I was unable to attack after the first lap. We’ll look to the data to search for the setup to enable a good result in Race 3 tomorrow.”

“Overall, we maximized what we could in Races 1 and 2. Our issues in qualifying put us a lot further down the grid than we would have wanted, so we did well to come away with two 4th places in the first two races. Our starts were strong, and we capitalized on all opportunities that we had, which enabled us to come away with some points and a higher start position for race 3.”

Race 6 | May 19th | Sunday

Starting Position: 4th Position
Finish Position: 2nd Place!!!
Starting the 3rd and final race of the weekend in 4th position, Kaylen advanced to 2nd in lap one. Still on the attack, Kaylen mounted a solid challenge to the race leader before narrowly missing out and falling back to 2nd. The podium finish represented a good close to the first race event in the Japanese Super Formula Lights championship for Kaylen, also highlighting areas of focus for the next race event at Sugo.

Kaylen Frederick Summary:
“We were the only car that still had new tires left for race 3 and knew we would have an early advantage that we had to maximize. We executed, by making up 2 positions and making a challenge for the lead on lap 1. I had to settle in for 2nd since I took a bit too much life out of my tires, but all things considered we were happy with a 2nd place finish.

Overall, there was a lot left to be desired this weekend. We were one of the fastest cars throughout both days of practice, so it was quite disappointing to qualify so far back as it didn’t reflect our capabilities. At the same time, we can be happy with the points we came away with from this weekend considering where we qualified. Looking forward, I’m excited to show what we’re capable of when we start races from a position more representative of our speed.”

Championship Round-up: 2nd Place (tied)

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